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Titan Aviation Group continuously updates our aircraft wanted information. This specter of our operation serves our corporate interest as well as our clients’. By specifically seeking out aircraft we are able to maintain our own healthy fleet while locating certain aircraft for our most judicious clients.

If you have a comparable aircraft for sale but do not see it advertised above, contact us directly. We will help you get your desired return on investment even if the sale is not to us one of our current clients.

Titan Aviation Group special ability to find desired aircraft for sale throughout the world is virtually unmatched. Often times the gateway to long-lasting mutually beneficial relationship between corporation and client, for many, this is the first step.

Whether upgrading your personal or business fleet Titan Aviation Group’s force is ready to fly with you. Literally, we fly to you. Our aviation specialists with advanced training, degrees and certifications are ready to sit down with you one-on-one to assess your desires and needs and best match that to an aircraft within your budgetary parameters. Once the field is narrowed we then embark to visually and mechanically inspect the aircraft. Titan Aviation Group leaves no stone unturned as it verifies flight logs, maintenance records, and inside-out top-down viability and vectoral appearance.



Titan Aviation Group does not believe in truth in advertising. We believe that all aircraft for sale must be thoroughly vetted and approved. Much like Universal Laboratories performs in the consumer products field Titan Aviation Group does in aviation. Once our stamp of approval has been granted, we return to the client with a selection of aircraft that best suits our clients’ needs.

Listed below are some of the current stock of aircraft for sale as well as some recent transactions.

The aforementioned first step is that over ninety percent of aircraft purchases through Titan Aviation Group are followed by a personalized aircraft management agreement. All contracts are individualized because each purchase is truly unique.

Call Titan Aviation Group 24/7 to begin your journey.

“For Sale:
Gulfstream G650
Hawker 1000
Falcon 50