Titan Aviation Group LLC



Aircraft charter services offered by Titan Aviation Group are the heart and soul of the business. Second only to repeat business, personal referrals by clients account for a sizeable portion of our day-to-day operations.

jet charterOur aircraft charter specialists deal with the simplest requests, one passenger one way, up to hundreds simultaneously from multiple locations with concierge, catering, flight attendants etc. Our mission is to serve your every need at every hour. We operate 24/7 to get you where you need to go when you need to get there, removing all the stress and time constraints normally associated with air travel.

Business travelers recognize that the days of business travel by commuter airline are passé. One need not pay for parking, remove belts and shoes, then be subjected to all sorts of forms of humiliation by under-trained under-paid staffers that are trying to keep our skies safe by strip searching grandma in her wheelchair. You can drive up on the tarmac hop out of your vehicle and into an awaiting jet and be in the air in minutes.

Jet Charter

No longer is it necessary to pick up a WSJ, board a plane, and turn off all electronic devices only to learn and react to decampments that occurred while you were out of touch. We prefer to adapt a phrase from the French architect, Le Corbusier, who famously wrote in 1923, “Une maison set use machine-a-habiter”.

Adapted to aircraft charter services we think a jet can be a place to work in. Your personal Air Force One.

Allow Us The Minor Exaggeration

Having your own fully functional mobile office with you everywhere at all times gives one the sense of the omnipotent office. Not only does your office travel with you it travels when you want. Running late? We accommodate. Unlike commercial travel you are never stranded.

Additionally, our elite staff are fully trained in YOUR privacy rights and needs.